fly in Cappadocia


Do you want look at the magical world from the top, to join the clouds and say, “Can I keep it?” But not to live in a plane seat that departs from the airport, but to live in a bubble set by the wind? Moreover, while on a paradise, when Kızılırmak was flowing, waiting for a new day from where the fairy chimneys was existing for million years, We are talking about the Cappadocia balloon tour. Cappadocia is the most beautiful sky in the world ..

The balloon tour of Cappadocia will be one of the most beautiful adventures you will ever experience in your life. The beautiful horses will listen to the tale of his country from the wind. If you want to celebrate a special day, a romantic marriage invitation, or if you feel a special moment to feel yourself very special, freedom in Cappadocia so a balloon tour is waiting for you.

Cappadocia Balloon Tour in Turkey

Let us remind you that those who want to see the unique texture of Cappadocia from the sky need to set up their hours before the early hours of the morning. The balloon companies in Cappadocia will host the guests early in the morning from their hotels where they stay before the breakfast is made. The balloon is slowly inflated and it is getting ready while the pilots are informing about the flight safety. Then you ride into the basket of the balloon and you’re getting into the sky! The balloons, without wheels, without imagination, are the vehicles of imagination. So every flight is different from each other, each route is independent of each other. For one, one and a half hours, the valleys meet with the sun’s rays, the rays’ wave spreading, the camel-like fairy chimney, the stone houses spread over the slopes, the more you increase your heart rhythm,the more you will keep in your mind.

Perhaps at the end of your balloon tour you can expect  a bottle of champagne or a medal, or a flight certificate from the region’s grapes in this celebration. In Cappadocia, almost every balloon company, including these transfers to the place where you stay after the tour.


Cappadocia balloon tour morning flights are arranged at what time?

There are two flights for the Cappadocia balloon tour. First the first flight in the early morning when you can see the colors of the day of flight. The second one is called a late flight, which means that the flight is sun-born and you miss out on a boom of color. Therefore, the first flight is preferred in Cappadocia. The winter flights usually take place between 5.00 and 5.30 in the morning, and the summer starts at 6.30. You need to be ready for your transfer at least an hour ago. It is after 7.00 to be left back to your hotel.

Does Cappadocia balloon tour take place every season?

Cappadocia is in different colors and colors in every season. That’s why balloon tours are made every 12 months of the year when weather conditions are appropriate. The maximum wind speed for security is 11 km. There are no flights in rainy and stormy weather.


You can cancel the tour on the flights that cannot be made due to negative weather opposition or transfer to the next day. The cancellation of the tour will be refunded to you without any deduction.


Is the Cappadocia balloon tour safe?

Cappadocia balloon tour has been done for more than 20 years. The flight crews of the companies are equipped with FFA Civil Aviation pilots who have a hot balloon license. Balloons are frequently checked and inspected by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation related to the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs. Flight safety is also provided on flights with the controlled security measures for balloons.

What are the Cappadocia balloon tour prices?

According to the new regulation, many companies in Cappadocia have a minimum price agreement in cooperation. The average flight time of the packages is 1 hour and the prices vary according to the season in the year. All Right Travel  offers you the best price. The price of a balloon which covers 1 hour flight and lasts up to 3 hours is 120- 180 Euro. Prices vary according to the current season. We recommend that you take a look at the opportunity sites for the dates you plan to travel to Cappadocia. Sometimes you can catch discount flights, and you can get economy in your travel budget.

You cannot ride the balloon with your child under 6 years old. Children between the ages of 6-12 are priced as 100 Euros as adults.

How many people can get on the balloon tour of Cappadocia?

The capacities of balloons in Cappadocia can be different from each other. A balloon with an average capacity of 10 – 40 people is taking off. If the tour participant is over, another balloon is ventilated.

What is the hot air balloon?

The balloons used for the Cappadocia balloon tour consist of three parts. The dome part is the balloon itself and there is also a burning unit and a basket. In the basket part, the passengers are transported and the burner part is located on the top of the passengers and is used to inflate the balloon with its strong flames. When the balloon is warmed by the warming of the air inside the balloon, the balloon will be lowered by cooling.


What material is the balloon made of?

Since the balloon is made of Nomex style fireproof materials, there is no risk of burning.

How is the balloon routed?

The direction of the balloon is determined by the wind. The person using the balloon may decide on the direction of the balloon.

How long does the balloon tour last?

The duration of the balloon tour varies between 1 hour and 1.5 hours depending on the type of flight.

How high can you go with the balloon tour?

You can fly with balloons below 2000 feet (610 meters) and you can easily see every detail of Cappadocia from this height.

What happens when the combustion unit, called Burner, goes out in the air?

If such a problem is encountered during the flight, the second burner will be activated and if there is a problem, the third burner will be activated. But if all of these possibilities are considered negative, which is very unlikely, the balloon will descend at a parachute speed.

What happens if a balloon gets closer to the birds?

The enormous size of the balloons already frightens the birds. With the rigid structure of the balloon, the birds will not be able to damage the balloon and even if they are likely to give it, a balloon will be able to fly.

Why are morning hours preferred for the flights?

These hours are both the coldest and the quietest time zones. In order for the descent to be smooth and the balloon to rise to the desired level easily, morning hours are determined as the most suitable time for flight. In addition, you can earn a magnificent view of the morning sunrise, but you can also fly early in the morning.

What should be brought and used for balloon travel?

Considering the fact that there are flights in both winter and summer months, this situation varies slightly. However, the jean and flat shoes can be preferred for summer and warm clothing will be suitable for winter. In the middle of the land you can buy flat-bottomed shoes and a jacket as a measure of descent conditions. To take pictures of these beautiful moments in the balloon, do not miss the camera.

Is there an age limit for the flight?

Almost all flights are possible for all individuals between the ages of 6-90.


Can pregnant women participate in the balloon tour?

People who are pregnant or suspected of pregnancy are not taken into balloon tours.


Who shouldn’t fly in the Balloon Tour?

Those who had surgery in the recent past, Children under 6 years, pregnant, those who have pain in the hips or waist should not fly by balloon.


Turkey, Istanbul, Antalya

Indian Weddings in Turkey

As a princess in fairy tales, the princess of the White Knight will have a princess, and in all its glory, a woman who can not be forgotten from memories will be able to say no? First of all you need to find the right partner for yourself, avoid the cost and crown it with a good wedding organization.

You can make your wedding depending on your traditions. But if you want to take a brave step, you can realize your wedding in a completely different style. In recent years, the concept of Indian weddings has become increasingly popular, so the wedding tourism is becoming increasingly popular in India. The wealthy Indians vice versa countries such as Turkey and especially for weddings if they prefer Istanbul or Antalya. Indian weddings are arranged in Turkey as well as in India.

The most important thing that makes the Indian wedding so popular colorful and gaudy outfit Indian weddings, this rainbow of color and fun with the right to condemn tradition as applied in traditional dances and embroidery is not literally.

Would you like to study Indian weddings and get a better understanding of what we mean? Come to hint that the wedding tradition of state to India, extending to the fun music from castor splendid attire. Let’s explore this adventure together!

It is not possible to see black evening dresses which are indispensable of Western women’s style of elegance. Wearing a white wedding dress is not available in this culture. Conversely, women wearing traditional Indian dresses transforms them into a colorful feast with bracelets, knuckles and embroidery of a thousand clothes.

Lehenga: The brides usually wear a dress called lehenga. Lehenga is the name given to the skirt with abundant processing. It is often combined with a blouse ending in the chest. The most commonly used color is red, but in pink, blue, orange, burgundy and purple colors, it can be made. Lehenga prepared for the bride, with an average of 10 kg. Although it is a bit difficult to carry, we think it is worth the beauty and the night!

Sharara: An outfit usually preferred by Muslim brides in India and Pakistan. The blouse part can be long enough to close the arms, the belly and even the hips.

Sari: Guests usually wear sari in Indian traditional outfit. After wearing the bustier and lining skirt, the garment, which is about 6 meters of a single piece, is worn over them with a special technique.

Mendhi (Henna Night):
Wedding usually takes 3 days 3 nights. The night before the wedding is the Mendhi (henna) ceremony. The women of the girl’s side gather together, a professional mendhi artist or a relative of the girl applies the henna, also called henna, on the hands, arms and feet of the bride.

Similarly, henna incineration is offered to the guests. The henna that is burned to the bride carries the meanings of happiness, beauty, spiritual awakening with heavily embroidered, colorful clothes and glamorous jewelry, the bride and guests continue to enjoy traditional dances throughout the night.

If you are interested in planning an India wedding please contact us


“Game of Thrones” in Dubrovnik – Croatia

“Game of Thrones” has record ratings all over the world. Just the first episode of the new season, aired this summer, brought together more than 16 million viewers in the United States, a record in the history of the American HBO.

These millions of fans are not enough satisfied to follow the conquest of the iron throne from their small screen. They want to survey the kingdom by themselves. Or at least the places that served as a backdrop for the medieval-fantastic series. And their first place of pilgrimage is the city of Dubrovnik in Croatia.

This city of 40,000 inhabitants has seen its tourist traffic explode since the American series phenomenon uses its streets as a backdrop.

This pearl of the Adriatic appears in “Game of Thrones” in the second season, released in 2012. Its  paved streets, ramparts and sea views are in most episodes, the HBO has chosen to represent “King’s Landing”, fictional capital of the seven kingdoms of the series.

This unexpected global advertising has blown up tourism in the city of 40,000 inhabitants. Between 2012 and 2015, according to a study by the Zagreb Institute of Economics, an additional 60,000 tourists visited the city every year. This represents 1.44 million overnight stays and generated revenues of 126 million euros.

Naturally, tourist guides took the opportunity to offer thematic tours in the city’s fifteen or so filming locations, allowing tourists to photograph in the same places. A dedicated brochure is even available free of charge at the Tourist Office at the entrance to the old town.

On ten “Game of Thrones” tours offered all over the world (the series being shot in various countries), the travel site TripAdvisor showed last July that the most booked was the one of Dubrovnik, before Reykjavik in Iceland, and Belfast in the United Kingdom. In general, the twelve Spanish sites that served as a backdrop to the series, such as Girona and Zafra Castle, recorded an increase in attendance of 488% in one year.

Croatia has seen more than 2 million visitors since the beginning of the year. This mass tourism is getting out of control, with travelers arriving every day by the hundreds by boat and by road in Dubrovnik. The streets of the old city become overpopulated. To continue to offer “quality tourism”, the mayor of the city Mato Frankovic has decided to drastically reduce the number of tourists allowed to visit the old center, he told the Telegraph newspaper. The ceiling will be 4,000 per day, which is two times less than the UNESCO recommendation. The elected, who took office in June, believes that Dubrovnik must “resume everything from scratch” after this period of uncontrollable growth. UNESCO warned last year that the city’s World Heritage Site (1979) was in danger. To do this, the mayor plans to install video surveillance cameras to control entrances and also think to prevent cruises stops. A decision he knows will not be unanimous but he considers necessary. “We will lose money over the next two years – perhaps a million euros by reducing the number of tourists – but in the future we will earn much more.” We deserve to be a quality destination “, he says.

Dubrovnik is not the only city to be trapped in its tourist success. Venice and Barcelona in particular have been submerged in recent years and have had to take measures, such as the ban on the opening of new hotels.

Journey to the nose next to Sicily, a seaside town with a view of the Etna volcano: Reggio di Calabria


And the beautiful villages of the Calabria region, where they lead their heads, villagers … Travel to the warmest climate of Tarantella dance, black pasta, stroncatura, dry tomatoes, Indian figs, perhaps the most resemblance to Italy!

“Prepare to be so different from Italy that you see the center and the north until today!” “Once the barren, thirsty, yellowish fields will come out, the big cactuses on the right, the big cactus on the left, the only Indian fig that grows in that region, everywhere, the air will be hot, even hotter than winter! I will not say people; Go and see for yourself! ” We were going to the homeland of the men, whose name we have been saying for years, in the “mouths of Tarantella with a knife” men, to the nose of Italy, to the Calabria region.

This journey, which is wrapped around the Mediterranean by Sicily, as well as the head and inhabitants of the country, will show us the other face of Italy as well as our Italian family whom I meet for the first time, but meet me for many years. Every corner of Turkey, Anatolia anything I’ve seen before, I try to see this “hot” when leaving the soil wrapped individually in my ear that I would whisper the following family members: “It is not like Paris Reggio Calabria; this is like the land you came from, come over again, okay? “


When they said they were right: Reggio di Calabria, which looked very much like the land I came to me. It is as if the climate of Antalya was the Italian adaptation of Iskenderun. Even though I am not in September, it seems that this beach and beach town has always been with us, with the warmth of 30-32 degrees Celsius, with humid air, people’s vision, vegetable fruit stone countertops, doorsteps…

From other places, from the north, the losers in speaking of “developed Europe”, but also the proud attitude of being Calabrian, It is a little bit Greek because it remained in the borders of ancient Greek civilizations for thousands of years, but then a little Arab, but a little Arab, but mostly in the dialect of the people of this region called Calabria, some of the words came from Greek for centuries, Norman for centuries, it was a proof of what they were different.

Again, the word “sceccu” (“skeccu”) they used to mean “donkey” in Calabria has remained on the coasts of Calabria, which is said to have plundered Turkish pirates for centuries?




On the other hand, it was totally different from where I came from Calabria: “Stroncatura” once, “poor” at one time, now the land of black pastry that can be considered “luxury” with its price. When wheat was milled in time, it was prepared with the inner and the shells which were poured at the time, and blended this macaroni with plenty of garlic, pulbiber and olive oil, and they opened a wine beside it. Calabria was also known as the finest place for seafood pasta in Italy. Dry tomatoes, dry ornamental peppers, Indian figs, bergamot, Calabria was every Italian’s mind. No one was daring to collect them with barbed skin, and in Paris they were tagged with an “Italian fig” tag, and they were selling figurines for 2 euros, and no one was looking around and their faces were covered with Indian artifacts scattered around towns and villages.


In Reggio this very sweet and seeded tropical fruit was well below the price of a box in the marketplace.Then this is the Catholic. Perhaps the most colorful part of our travel is our equivalent to the Virgin Mary Feast, which they celebrate every second week of September. This second big event was the second Saturday in September, when they were descending from the highest point in Reggio, carrying the tribute to the cathedral of the Virgin Mary in the center of the town, the windows of all the young old Italians in the city, and the streets where religious rites passed. Hundreds of sculptor volunteers, scout groups, the Red Cross, band music are added to this gigantic march, perhaps the most serious and serious face of which was the passage of clergy and women.

During the march, the crowds read aloud in a loud voice, completing all together with “amen” and coloring the colored images with their colorful Damas carvings on their balconies. On the same Tuesday, kisses and jellyfish sent to Virgin Mary Sculpture accompanied by the crosses, then on the street celebrations that have been going on since the saturdays, they were taking on the established market stalls.  The most popular one was Tarantella, the traditional dance of southern Italy and Sicily …


TURKISH PROCEDURE TARANTELLA “What is Tarantella?” Says the great cousin, Menotti: “It was a dance, a kind of challenge, a head-holding dance that men only made once. Today, women and boys play. ” Tarantella with a melodiously resurrecting melody is a dance that is found in the 17th century. In the 19th century Tarantella turned into the symbol of the Kingdom of Two Sicily, and today it is the first game that comes to mind when it comes to Italian folk dance abroad. The word “Tarantella” is thought to be derived from the word “tarantola”, a poisonous spider, which is very common in southern Europe. Already Tarantella is initially thought to be caused by people who are bitten by a poisonous spider and can not stay in place. It is also known that with this fast and dynamic dance, the belief that someone throws the poison of your spider through the sweat is once widespread.  Nowadays, there is no need for spiders to bite Calabriales to play Tarantella, and everybody, male and female, especially like the Virgin Mother’s Day, is doing this relish with religious celebration. Perhaps the greatest concern of the crowd gathering in front of the cathedral is to be able to voluntarily come from nearby villages and dance with the musicians who play accordion and tef. In Tarantella, speed is very important in hand and foot movements. When I saw the photo, the group chef invited only two people to dance for just five minutes each time, and he called me dancing.  When I interpret Tarantella, which I can only watch for half an hour, the crowd keeps tempo and drowns: “Obviously the lady is foreign, Tarantella is not doing it, she is throwing belly!


DAY HOUR START AFTER 17.00 Another thing that comes to mind about Reggio Calabria is the “Riace Bronzes”, which were released from the Mediterranean in the 70’s. One of these two Greek sculptures, dating from the 5th century, in the coastal town of Riace in the city, depicts a young person and an elderly person. The sculptures are considered among the masterpieces of the Greek era. It is not in vain that foreign tourists go to the Magna Grecia Archeology Museum just to see these two sculptures. The statue is in the rest of the city. Reggio Calabria is a city with a population of 150 thousand people. It is one of the 10 new tourist destinations in the world of marine tourism according to a survey conducted in 2010. In the summer, Reggio people who have completed all kinds of work outside early in the morning and who are in their pale homes before noon, spend their days sleeping and resting after lunch. The day starts again for them after 17:00, until midnight.  With the contribution of Mother Mary’s Feast, they love to spend a little time in the cool air until late hours on the streets, The banks of the seashore are full of young Reggio. Calabria, which has the highest rate of unemployment in Italy, is known for its obedience to the people of the north, like Sicily. “In the north, he stops himself at the head of a shop with a shop, he works himself,” says Menotti. “Here, the shopkeeper never works, he makes a clerk for three pennies, he puts his job in front of the patronsa shop, he puts a cigarette in his hand.” In fact, by closing the shop around noon and reading the newspaper in front of the shops they opened again around 16:00, they spend time.


The cousin I searched under the gray and cool skies of Paris, after returning from these warm people of the south, after the rich Mediterranean paradise, after the warm seas of the sea, was both tearful and so meaningful about “Calabria nostalgim”: “Turkish girl! You found the earth in Calabria! ” Could be, maybe he’s right when you say … Calabria’s beautiful neighbors It was not possible to go back to Reggio di Calabria without going to Sicily, which is just 20 minutes by ferry from the hele hele ferry to the sights around it. Here are the corner points in Calabria and its surroundings where you must see Italy.


5 Exotic Cities to See in Morocco


5  Exotic Cities to See in Morocco

Morocco is a country located at the northwestern tip of Africa and settled along the Atlantic Ocean with its unique texture, fascinated by exoticism. Berber, blended with Arab and European culture; is the western country of Islamic geography, bearing the characteristics of both eastern, African and Mediterranean countries. There is no limit to be made in Morocco, from camping on the skirts of the Atlas Mountains to getting to know the local life in the Berber villages, taking pictures with snakes in the most touristy city of Marrakech, witnessing the quiet daily life of Rabat.

Where are the places to go?

1. Marrakech

Marrakech, Morocco’s third largest city after Casablanca and Rabat, Berber means “the place of God”. Known as the “Red City” with its historical structures built from natural red stones that are unique to the region, it is the most visited tourist destination in Morocco. Medina, the vibrant old city district, and Gueliz, the new city that began to be built during the French colonial era, Marrakech, Jemaa El-Fna Square, famous for its crowds and complexity; the colorful, vibrant, exotic Majorelle Gardens has many places to visit and see.

2. Rabat 

Rabat, the capital of Morocco and the financial center of the country at the same time, is home to the offices of global companies. Mohamed V Boulevard in Rabat, one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco with its Andalusian Gardens and famous blue painted houses, is the modern face of the capital. The mosque of Sultan V. Muhammad and the Hassan Tower are important places to be seen, with a minaret of 44 meters in height, made of red sand but incomplete. On the other hand, be prepared to meet with a magnificent nature and a unique history in Rabat, where the Regreg River lies.


3. Fes

Fes, the third largest city in Morocco, is the capital of the country before Rabat. Fes, one of the most authentic cities in Morocco, is known as the world’s largest closed-city settlement. Unesco’s World Cultural Heritage List Fes el Bali, the old town, is an old town square surrounded by the city walls. While this area, which is a complete maze, is recalling, it is absolutely necessary to see the Riad Houses built by restoring old houses.

4. Casablanca

Casablanca, the port city west of Morocco and located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, is also the largest city in the country. Casablanca, the largest city in the Maghreb countries, with a population of three million, extending from Libya to Mauritania, is also the most important commercial center of the region. Casablanca, which is the subject of Hollywood films, is headed by architecture, nature and culture, is also very popular for summer vacation.

5. Meknes

The most important symbol of Meknes, a city in the north of Morocco where you can observe the local life better than the touristic cities of the country, is the Mansour Gate. The door made by order of Mulay Ismail who lived the golden age to Meknes has quite impressive operations. Directly across from the door is El Hedim Square, which is full of peddlers, snake players


Italian Adriatic Coast Itinerary


Italy’s east coast runs along the Adriatic Sea from the border of Slovenia to the Salento Peninsula.There is a rail line along the coast from the city of Trieste in the north to Lecce in the South.A highway also runs along the coast so it’s possible to drive the whole route.


Italy’s Adriatic Coast itinerary starts in the northeast region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia where Grado and Lignano are top seaside resort towns in this area famous with the colourful birds , you can also take the boat tours here. There’s a small airport at Trieste.

Venice is a city of canals and its main square, Piazza San Marco, is the top place to go in the city. Venice’s architecture is a unique mixture of  western and eastern styles and sights including the famous Saint Mark’s Basilica, the Doge’s Palace, and the churches and monasteries.

Since Venice is a car-free city, it’s best visited on a train itinerary and for those who wish to start or end in Venice, there’s an airport with flights to other parts of Italy and Europe.Cesenatico is another highlight of the Italian Adriatic coastal town with a canal through its center.The resort town of Rimini with its sandy beaches is very historical Roman city.

Puglia is a long region from the Gargano Promontory  to the Salento Peninsula, the toe of the boot. Much of the Puglia region is coastline and Puglia is well known for its beautiful beaches, fresh seafood, and charming coastal towns.

Of course, Trani is another beautiful town in this part of the Adriatic coast. Trani’s cathedral with its castle are the best examples of a Romanesque church in Puglia, with fantastic carvings on the exterior and beautiful designed mosaics on the floor.

The town of Giovinazzo, just north of Bari, is a small fishing town to relax and a ideal place to witness a real Italian family local life.

Bari is Puglia’s biggest seaside city where the people usually take the ferry to Greece.

You’ll find sandy and pebble beaches on the coast of the Salento Peninsula  with a milder climate temperature providing a long season to the popular beaches. There are also other nice beaches at Porto Badisco, known for its sea urchins & Santa Cesarea Terme, known for its thermal springs.

Explore the highlights of Dubrovnik


The old city of Dubrovnik known as the Pearl of the Adriatic is one of the prominent tourist destinations of the Mediterranean. Dubrovnik is one of the best known towns in Croatia with its historical old town, lovely pebbly beaches, tiny islands and the wine growing Konavle valley and it is located at the southern tip of Croatia off the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik was established in the 7th century on maritime trade. Dubrovnik flourished in the Middle Ages as a center of literature, art, science and education.

Dubrovnik old town is located within the city walls. The city walls of the old city are just one of many of attractions in Dubrovnik old city. They were built entirely of the white stones, polished with ages, the old town abounds in Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque palaces, monasteries and churches. You will visit the Rector’s Palace which was under the siege of the government and the most important public building in Dubrovnik in the ancient years.Walk up and down the Placa (Stradun), Dubrovnik’s main street.

There is another architectural edifice standing in the middle of the town:The Sponza Palace built in 1520 houses town’s archive including the most important documents regarding the date back to the city and its public in the ancient years from the Middle Ages. You will also have a chance to visit the oldest operating pharmacy in Europe.Then you can stroll down the narrow streets and feel far away from the crowd in the back streets of Dubrovnik, or relax watching the sea and small boats in Dubrovnik’s old port.

Another highlight of your tour can be a cable car tour which takes you from the old town of Dubrovnik 778 m up to the Mount Srd. You will have a breathtaking views from the top over the old town .If you are thirsty in the summer season, you can have a drink or a bite at the summit café while watching the town with the beautiful green islands.

A Country Waiting to be Explored Croatia




The capital of Croatia is Zagreb. There’s no in between; some people love the city while others find it extremely boring. I say you should take a tour of the city and see for yourself before making a rash decision. The Ban Jelacic Square is one of the central points of the city. The Tkalciceva Street is one of the hottest spots, especially after dark, filled with countless bars and restaurants. Another place that stirs the blood of the city is the Mirka Begovica Street which is lined with dozens of cafés. You should make sure to put the Dolac Market, the Zagreb Cathedral, the Markov Square and St. Mark’s Church on your list of places to visit. Zagreb also hosts a very unique museum; the Museum of Broken Relationships, which displays the mementos and tells the stories of the failed relationships of many people from all over the world. Another great idea would be to climb up the Lotrscak Tower built in the Middle Ages and enjoy the city from a bird’s eye view.


 One of the first places among the ‘must-see’ locations in Croatia is the Plitvice Lakes National Park. The park is nested with 16 crystalline lakes of different sizes. Breathe in the freshest and the sweetest air among the waterfalls and the trail of trees. The park is uniquely beautiful through all four seasons; the view in the winter is particularly wonderful when all you see is white. The National Park is about a 1,5-hour drive to Zagreb.


Consider the vicinity of the Diocletian’s Palace in Split to be the center of the city, because this is where the heart of the city beats. You will remember for the rest of your life the astonishment and the admiration of witnessing how well the 1700-year-old monument was preserved until today. Diocletian, whom the palace was built for and named after, is the first emperor in history to abdicate the throne by resigning. Inside the palace are beautiful restaurants, such as Augubio, and elegant boutiques.


 The island where the British armada anchored in World War II and where Tito once led the resistance against occupation is a bit far away, but definitely worthy of visiting. It has amazing glistening bays and the most beautiful beaches for swimming. The church by the sea, the ancient buildings surrounding the island, and the beautiful houses turn the island into a tale of beauty and joy. When you start to get hungry from beholding such gorgeousness, you should get a taste of the delicious seafood served at Villa Kaliopa, which is a restaurant hidden in the lush gardens.


 Island Hvar is the place to be in Croatia if you are fond of entertainment and nightlife. Especially in summer nights, all venues are bursting with people looking for fun. The main square is the HvarskaPjaca; the endless stairs on the narrow streets are quite exhausting but the historical atmosphere is so enchanting that it takes a long time to realize how tired you feel. The Garifu Restaurant along the shore is my personal favorite on the island.


Trogir Island is connected to the main land by bridges. The island that shines out with a unique historical texture is indeed included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. At the center of the island is a beautiful square and the magnificent Saint Lovre’s Cathedral. The narrow streets have defied many centuries but are well-kept as if they were built only yesterday. Trogir is famous for its ice cream parlors that offer the most delicious way of losing yourself among the alleys. Make sure that you also get a taste of true dining at Restaurant Don Dino.


The famous explorer-author Marco Polo is believed to be born on this island. The house in which Marco Polo was believed to have been born was turned into a museum and is among the places frequented by the tourists visiting the island. Wander the cobblestone streets among the historical houses built in the 15th and 16thcenturies; put on your bathing suit and have a swim in Lumbardo. Get a taste of the heavenly desserts and sweets served at the world-famous Cukarin Bakery.


There are many religious monuments that you must see in Dubrovnik. Take yourself to the church dedicated to Blaise, a saint born in Sivas, and the town cathedral down the street. Make sure to visit the private collection of paintings made by 15and 16th-century artists. Don’t forget to include on your list the Franciscan Monastery which hosts one of the oldest apothecaries in Europe. Last but not least, do not consider leaving the town without seeing the mosque that displays the treaty once written by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror.


When you visit Dubrovnik, take a tour of the Sponza Palace facing Orlando’s Column and the Rector’s Palace where you will witness the true glory of gothic architecture. The city was once ruled by rectors during the period when it was called the Ragusa Republic. The rectors were not even allowed to see their families so that they could maintain their sense of justice and remain impartial; which is why the rectors led a life of imprisonment at the palace where they were seated. The region offers various dining areas for when your stomach starts to growl; try Mea Culpa for tasting the Italian Cuisine or TajMahal if you are hungry for the Bosnian Cuisine, or have a bite of the snacks served at Skola.


Dubrovnik is a city worthy of a gaze from up above. You have two options. You could either ride on the cable car and watch the city lights as you float on air and take a coffee break at the Panorama Restaurant. Or you could indulge in a long walk along the world-famous historical walls surrounding the city. An important tip: Have some ice cream and crepes at Dolce Vita, the sweetest spot or have a drink for watching the sunset at the coolest bar Buza Bar in Dubrovnik.